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Finer living in a sustainable way: With our new
greenline profivlies, we want to make our
contribution to preserving the world for us and
for future generations. We have not only managed
to produce the product in a resource-saving manner,
but also in the usual quality, so that the natural
feel-good ambience is incorporated directly.

Resource-saving product
made from 100% recycled fibres

Above all, in addition to the sustainable aspects,
our greenline profivlies impresses with its first-class
professional quality. Thanks to its textile and
voluminous character, the fleece impresses when
you work with it.


Eco-friendly packaging
made from recycled materials

  • Eco-friendly label paper and in addition,
  • the film is made from recycled materials
  • Excellent basis for wallpapering and painting
  • Extra stable, tear-resistant and
    crack-bridging special fleece
  • High level of opacity
  • Free from PVC, plasticisers and without the
    addition of optical brighteners.
  • No softening time required
  • Ideal for all creative painting and
    coating techniques
  • Can be removed completely when dry
  • Made in Germany